Our teaching methods are designed for active learning: to unlock creative potential in children, to inspire them and to expand their knowledge they could apply in life and in mainstream education.

Every session will introduce children to interesting historic facts and famous people in science, arts and humanities. The main components of study programmes are practical assignments and hands-on activities that challenge and motivate children and young people to learn more.


Chemistry, maths and physics are perceived by many children as boring and unattractive subjects. OCEANN SM&ART wants to change that and, together with science and art education, we take a holistic approach to delivering the fun and creative lessons.


We believe that bilingualism has beneficial effects on children’s linguistic and educational development. Children who develop their skills and abilities in two or more languages gain a deeper understanding of language and how to use it efficiently.


It is well known, that art subjects play an important part in the social and cultural development of every individual. We believe that art education for children has valuable benefits and encourages their visual thinking, self-expression, develops observational and analytical skills.